What is an NSU ID?

Nova Southeastern University will soon be utilizing a unique, computer-generated number to identify students, faculty, and staff in the majority of NSU's systems. This new ID number will be known as the "NSU ID". It will be used instead of Social Security numbers in order to protect the privacy of individuals in the University community.

The upcoming effort to replace the use of Social Security numbers as the primary identification value in NSU's central administrative system, SunGard SCT Banner (Banner), will provide increased privacy and security for NSU students and employees. The structure of the new NSU ID will be a 9 character value beginning with the letter "N", followed by an 8-digit system-generated number.

An online process external to Banner will be developed to provide an efficient method for the retrieval of the new generated Banner ID. This process will allow Banner users the ability to obtain the generated ID from a given social security number.